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AMP4 kit. Click for a larger image Item # 6
AMP4 kit

Subtle power, 2X30W @ 8 ohms / 0.007% THD+N



This amp is based on the Tripath TA2050 chipset. Datasheet data indicates very low THD+N for this single supply amp. It is intended mainly for 8 ohm loads but 4 ohms loads can be used with reduced supply voltage. Nominal maximum supply voltage is 20 to 32 volts, including battery power.

  • Output 2x30W @ 8 ohms / 0.007% THD+N / 30V, 2x50W @ 3% THD+N
  • Single supply, bridged outputs
  • Onboard power supply with rectifier and  2 X 10.000 uF bulk capacitors. Add a transformer.
  • Very quiet two stage +5V regulator on board
  • Power FET chip mounted on bottom of PCB for mounting towards casing bottom or back
  • Output relay to protect speakers
  • Quality components. Mostly surface mount.
  • Double sided, double weight copper PCB
  • Footprint 50 x 125 mm, height 50 mm
  • Status outputs (LEDs) for mute, fault, temperature warning
  • Typically 90% efficiency; low heat, moderate heat sink requirement

On the AMP4 boards, most components are surface mount. The Tripath TP2050 chip has the same footprint as the TA2021B used for AMP3. Building AMP4 requires good soldering skills and it its not suitable for DIY beginners.

As with all our Tripath based kits, the inputs are suitable for line level analogue signals, but can be changed for other analogue signals.

Switch mode amplifiers produce much less heat than traditional amplifiers and a limited size sink is required.

An assembly instruction and schematic is provided by email in PDF format when an order is placed.

We're sorry, this item is currently out of stock! Please contact us for details.
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