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Solder practice kit SMT IC. Click for a larger image Item # 1947
Solder practice kit SMT IC
€1.70 (10 - 29)
€1.50 (30 - 999)

Kit for practicing soldering of ICs. Better practice on some dummy ICs than destroying some "real" pcb and IC.

The kit contains

  • One (1) two-sided PCB
  • Two (2) SOIC-28 ICs, lead pitch 1.27mm (50 mil)
  • Four (4) SOIC-14 ICs, lead pitch 1.27mm (50 mil)
  • Six (6) TSSOP ICs, lead pitch 0.65mm (25.5 mil)
  • The pads on the PCB are a bit varying in size, some are connected to narrow leads, some to ground plane. This reflects real life situations where different IC pins will need different heating.

Consider the ICs un-functional, even if they are new and unused.
One (1) pcb is included, but top and bottom side are shown on the picture.

With a hot-air gun you can remove the ICs and re-do the soldering several times if you use some care.

Orders for ten kits or more may be shipped bulk-wise, not packaged as individual kits.

Other solder / practice boards

€1.70 (10 - 29)
€1.50 (30 - 999)
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