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AMP6-BASIC kit. Click for a larger image Item # 43

Small amps with big sound

AMP6 is a small amplifier based on the Tripath TA2020 chip. These models where developed on request from people who did not feel comfortable soldering small surface mount components and turned out to sound just as well as the surface mount versions.

AMP6 is available in two models:

  • AMP6 The original version, includes a regulated power supply. You need to add a transformer. 
  • AMP6-BASIC Designed to be as simple as possible. This version is without power supply section, and with jacks / screw headers for all connetcions. The simplest to build of all our models. All tests of this amp was done with an external 35W SMPS shown below.




Power supply

Voltage regulator, rectifier and bulk capacitor on the PCB. Add transformer 12 to 15 VAC or 16-20VDC

External 12V typical, 14.5VDC MAX
Connector 2.5/5 mm

Over-voltage protection

Yes, by voltage regulator


Polarity protection

Yes, by rectifier

Yes, by power diode

Cable connections

By soldering to board

Jacks / screw headers

Status LEDs




Toroids that you wind

Ready made

Fuse holder / fuse


2AG size 5x15 mm, 4A slow

Footprint & height














Some quotes about AMP6

"Detail was excellent and the sound stage wide and deep. In short, a very good sounding amplifier"  TNT-Audio review of AMP6:

"I was impressed with how intuitive the amp 6 boards were to build,.... and I ended up listening to it for 5 hours straight on the bench."

  • AMP6 and AMP6-BASIC are both based on the Tripath TA2020 chip
  • Two analogue inputs/outputs (stereo).
  • The output power is around 2x25W RMS maximum, into 4 ohms at 10% THD+N. Up to about 2X15W, the THD+N is below 0.1%.
  • Audiophile sound quality
  • For both models hole mounted components are used, and a few, relatively large, surface mount power diodes.
  • All resistors are metal film type. 
  • The boards are high quality, made with double weight (2OZ) 70um thick copper, holes plated through, and component print on both sides

AMP6-BASIC is now also available ASSEMBLED


AMP6-BASIC with 35W SMPS, MP3 player and speakers


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