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AMP6-BASIC-SNEAKY. Click for a larger image Item # 23

The "Sneaky" version of AMP6-BASIC has the same audio components and identical PCB as the regular AMP6-BASIC kits, but hardware has been removed from the kits to keep the price down. A very, very nice little amp at a decent price.

AMP6-BASIC-SNEAKY does NOT contain the following parts:

  • Coax power connector (solder holes in PCB for wire only)
  • Audio coax connector (solder holes in PCB for wire only)
  • Loudspeaker connector block (solder holes in PCB for wire only)
  • Mounting screws / stand-off / nuts
  • Fuse holder (a leaded fuse with solder ends is included but can be bypassed)
  • Jumper and pins for mute (solder holes in PCB for wire only)

With the exception listed above, the components are identical to the full AMP6-BASIC kit, item #43. Sound quality will be the same as with the well known AMP6-BASIC.

We're sorry, this item is currently out of stock! Please contact us for details.

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41 Hz is the frequency of the low E string on a double bass or an electric bass

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