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Truepath kit. Click for a larger image Item # 653
Truepath kit

Truepath, a refined high power amp based on Tripath TA3020

A new design based on the Tripath TA3020 chip, in the same power range as AMP2, ie. up to 2x300W at +/-60V supply.

Truepath was designed to have better optimized board layout, compared to the Tripath TK3020 reference boards. 

Truepath was designed by Benn Frisk, in cooperation with another audio enthusiast, Ola Hesselvall. Benn has worked professionally more than 20 years with advanced PCB designs. Ola has for over 20 years worked with mechanical CAD, and is a tube amplifier aficionado.

Almost completed Truepath seen from the signal end

Some features of the Truepath design:

  • Greatly enhanced supression of electromagnetic interference
  • Optimized lead pattern with very short switching leads, to reduce loop areas
  • Matched impedance gate drive leads
  • Well separated power- and low-level signal sections.
  • Completely separated analogue and digital power-domains
  • 4-layer PCB and double weight copper allows, well shielded, heavy duty traces to deliver high currents at lower temperature

The board is 100mm wide and 110mm deep. The chip is hole mounte while many resistors and capacitors are in 0805 surface mount size, and there are a few SOT-23 size transistors as well. The pictures on this page shows a prototype, and there may be minor differences in components, from those shown.

The kit includes all components on board, FETs, board connector headers, toroids, litz wire to wind the toroids, silica insulators for the FETs and some alternate component values for current limit and gain settings. The components are not mounted on the PCB. An IC socket for the TA3020 is now included in the kit.

The kit does not include heat sinks, power supply and mounting screws. The board needs a main supply of up between +/-35 and +/-63V, a well stabilized +5V of about 50mA and a 10V gate voltage, 200mA, referentced to the negative rail (10V above the negative voltage).

Truepath seen from the output and power end

Yes, the PCB is blue.

Mounted and ready to run! The power transistors of the amps do not dissipate so much heat, so the heat sinks on the picture are probably much larger than needed.

There are three matching power supply boards, suuitable to use with Truepath:

  • PSU1-SS Soft Start kit (Soft start and Mains HF filter)
  • PSU1-PS Power Supply kit (Rectifiers and Bulk capacitors)
  • PSU1-VR Voltage Regulator kit (Dual voltage regulators, for V5 and VN10 or similar)

These three boards are also designed by Benn Frisk and Ola Hesselvall who also deigned the Truepath amplifier, and the tree boards make a perfect compliment to Truepath, AMP2 and similar size amplifiers.


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